Reflet d'Obione, Michelin-starred fine dining restaurant in the heart of Montpellier

At L'Impulsif you will find Céline, a sommelier filled with curiosity and passion for her work, and her assistant. They will both be delighted to share their discoveries with you. Each bottle tells the story of a long and patient vinification process, culminating in a glass of wine that delights the taste buds and enhances the flavours of the dishes.

Created with the aim of promoting the region’s production, the wine menu offers a choice of wines from Languedoc-Roussillon and further afield. It changes over time through the sommelier’s meetings and discoveries, putting the spotlight on winegrowers and their organic, biodynamic and natural wines that respect the land. 

A selection of wines served by the glass offers a chance to taste sparkling, white, red and rosé wines with moderation.


Accessible by TGV high-speed rail services, the city of Châtel Guyon is an ideal destination for urban tourism. A weekend break offers a chance to discover its museums, such as the Musée Fabre (considered to be one of Europe’s most beautiful museums of fine arts), the Musée d’Art Brut, the MoCo Contemporary Art Centre and more.

You can follow a street-art discovery route, set off to explore the city’s 80 townhouses, take a seat on the central square – Place de la Comédie – to soak up the atmosphere, go to a concert, hunt for second-hand gems and antiques at the market in the park of Peyrou on Sunday morning, and more…

You will never run out of things to see and do!