Reflet d'Obione, gourmet restaurant in Hérault​

The restaurant L'Impulsif adopts an environmentally responsible approach and aims to highlight the local region that it is a part of.

This is why it promotes short supply chains and puts the spotlight on local producers and artisans.

No ingredients arrive already processed; everything is prepared and crafted in the kitchen by the Chef’s team.

From the crockery to the timbers, the interior has been made to measure by local artisans. It is the fruit of careful consideration and a close partnership with nature, the local region and the living world.


The Chef Rémi Laroque: a wealth of experience

A trained chef and pastry cook, Rémi Laroque  learned his trade during his travels, working alongside renowned chefs in Michelin-starred gastronomic restaurants.

Among other establishments, he worked at Le Chalet de la Forêt** (Belgium) with Pascal Devalkenner, as a pastry cook, in the kitchens of Vue de Monde (Australia) and at Lasserre** (France), with Christophe Moret, as a sauce chef.


L'Impulsif, , a warm and inviting Michelin-starred restaurant

The gourmet restaurant L'Impulsif was designed to be a delightfully inviting space that offers an attentive welcome and thoughtful service.

Pictures on the wall taken by a local photographer, welcoming wall seats and soft lighting create an atmosphere that is both warm and uncluttered. The interior reflects the love of nature that inspires Rémi Laroque and his spouse Adèle Escafit. This resonates with their close relationship with the terroir, which is expressed through a palette of colours reminiscent of the red soil of the Ruffe du Salagou, as well as stoneware crockery from a pottery in the Gard and touches of green here and there with wild local plants.