L’Impulsif · Restaurant Gastronomique Puy-de-Dôme, Châtel-Guyon
L’Impulsif · Restaurant Gastronomique Puy-de-Dôme, Châtel-Guyon
L’Impulsif · Restaurant Gastronomique Puy-de-Dôme, Châtel-Guyon

Reflet d'Obione, Michelin-starred fine dining restaurant in the heart of Montpellier

A meal at the gastronomic restaurant L'Impulsif, located in the heart of the beautiful old district of Écusson, in Châtel Guyon, is a unique experience that can be found nowhere else.

It is a delightful journey of culinary exploration, along which seemingly familiar flavours are reinvented to delight the palate with totally new sensations.

The cereals, legumes and vegetables that Rémi Laroque works with turn the notion of exoticism on its head, since this is a journey that goes no further than a few miles away: from the Cévennes to the Camargue and the coast, the menu brings diners a series of wonderful sensory experiences that are shaped by the seasons.


Fine dining for all

At L'Impulsif, the food is first and foremost the fulfilment of a commitment to healthy eating, which best suits the human physiology. The Chef Rémi Laroque is gluten intolerant and is therefore particularly interested in the close link between nutrition and health.

He pursues in-depth research into an “alkaline”, or “non-acidic” approach, to rethink our eating habits. His experience is taking gastronomy into a realm of alternatives to traditional recipes, which are as delicious as they are inventive. For example, he puts the focus on a wide range of cereals, vegetables and edible plants. Based on this “alkaline” menu, he offers the chance to discover vegetarian and vegan alternatives, which are all totally new culinary experiences in themselves.

Defending the principle of gastronomic cuisine that can be enjoyed by all, L'Impulsif is a precious address for all people seeking wonderful culinary adventures, whatever their dietary requirements are.

Defending sustainable and environmentally responsible gastronomy

These high ethical standards can be found in the very composition of the dishes, each one being created from a plant-based foundation that is then wrought into different versions. 

This approach extends to cover all the drinks on offer: water that is microfiltered in the restaurant (still and sparkling), avoiding bottle transport; organic, pure-origin coffee ground in the restaurant; herbal teas made with wild plants picked by the Chef and his wife; fruit juices and other soft drinks sourced from organic farms and regional producers.

Chef Rémi Laroque proudly champions his idea of “cooking with a conscience”, which is part of a global environmental approach.

Not long after its opening, L'Impulsif earned a Michelin star for the quality and creativity of its offering, as well as the Gault&Millau Young Talents award. Equally rapidly, it was also awarded a green star in the Michelin Guide, which is a reflection of the strong commitment to the environment that the Chef shares with his spouse Adèle Escafit. Their engagement is illustrated by a number of initiatives, beginning with total traceability of all the raw ingredients used. These include carefully selected local and seasonal produce, wine sourced from winegrowers using organic or natural methods, and farmhouse eggs laid on organic farms.